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Company name: Shenzhen Airpag Technology Co.,Ltd
Add: 3F, Building NO.24, Xiwangli Dianji Industrial Park , Beihuan Road, Shiyan Subdistrict, Baoan District, Shenzhen 518108
Post code:518008
Tel: 0086-755-26966205
Fax: 0086-755-26550977

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  Company Profile

Airpag reorganized in 2010,Now Airpag become the largest and best equipped enterprise engaged in design and manufacture of air buffer packaging materials in China. Its products are popular with many European and American clients, as well as with some well-known Chinese companies. At present the assets of AIRPAG amount to over 10 million US dollars.

Our company has acquired the certification of ISO9001,  SGS .

Our group owns two companies, Shenzhen Airpag Technology Co., Ltd. and Zhejiang Folder New Material Co.,Ltd. , located in the South of China and East of China respectively, cooperating in operation based on their own core business. The two companies are quite experienced in applying AirPacking technology in its design, manufacture and marketing of airpacking products.

AIRPAG buffer column packing bags are a kind of new buffering packing materials with patents, which meet the clients' requirement of being environment-friendly and energy saving with low-carbon emission. They are taking the place of traditional packing materials such as polystyrene (EPS), pulp model, corrugated cardboard, expandable polyethylene, etc. They are widely used in the packing of cartridges, digital products, household appliances, lights, medical equipment, alcoholic drinks, fragile products and so on, protecting them with buffering. With time going on, they will sure enter more new fields.

AIRPAG air buffer column packing material meet the 4# 7# environment protection requirements (standards). Before being ballooned, an AIRPAG air buffer column packing bag has a tiny cubage, less than 1% of its normally ballooned size. After being ballooned through an input valve, each air column forms an individual air chamber through a check valve. Even if a small number of the columns are broken, the bag can still provide the same protection for the products.

The AIRPAG packing bags' specifications vary accordingly when used for packing different products. The width of air columns could be 2CM.3CM.4CM and 6CM, the shape could be Q bag, U bag and flat. We can customize packing bags to meet your needs, offering you a comprehensive solution including pretty outlook, safety, convenience, cost control, minimal packing size and so on.

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